About Us

In the days before owning a print shop the Faulkenberg brothers tried their hand at various ventures together.

Since they were raised in a rural community the first venture they tried was farming.

Giant CornGiant Onion

Giant Watermelon

This went well for awhile until they had trouble with pests eating their crops.

Giant Grasshopperjackalope

Being industrious fellows they did their best to capitalize on this problem.

The brothers decided to open their property up to the sportsman.

Giant Rabbit
grasshopper hunterjackalope_riderGrasshopper huntersGiant fishRiding giant fish

Things went well for the brothers until “The accident” happened on a couples hunt and the hunting grounds were closed permanently.


The brothers decided to seek out their own adventures for awhile.

John went on a coast to coast drive looking for the next big thing.

Giant tree

Fred took a thrill seeking job until he could decide what he wanted to do.
Fred holding sign

Vance found a mildly entertaining job which occupied his time for several months.

vance gator

Then John found the adventure he had been looking for!

It was fast paced and exciting.

The job required skill, talent, artistry and diligence.

It also took honesty and integrity.

So he called his brothers together and in 1946 Faulkenberg Printing Company was formed!



We relocated to 1670 Amy Lane in Franklin Indiana in 2015!



This tale may be tall but when we tell you a delivery date we deliver.

On time, every time and that is no tall tale.

That’s Faulkenberg Printing.


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