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We have not had any issues with security concerning our FTP site which uses Java but your computer will warn you not to trust it.

Do to these issues concerning Java please go HERE to send you files to us.

You can still use our manual FTP site if you have so in the past or continue to use this site because it is not compromised but if you would be uncomfortable doing so please see the instruction HERE on using another method of file sharing.

Sorry that there are jerks in the world who work harder at not working than being a productive part of society.  That is just how the world that we live in today is.

If you feel as tough as this guy.









Please walk into danger and use our Java based FTP site.

(It is not really dangerous.  We have not had any breeches in our security as I said before.)



Click HERE to go to our FTP Site and upload your job.

Below are important directions that you will need to follow to make sure that your job gets to us correctly.


You should be asked permission to load the Java file needed to run the application.  Click “Trust”.


After the page loads successfully your screen should look like this.

This is important!! Click the “Binary” button. (Circled)


To add your file(s) you can just drag them on to the center screen or select the “Add” button to navigate to the file you wish to send.

Your file will appear in screen and double check to make sure “Binary” is selected.


You will be asked for the proper information to upload your files.

Host: ftp.faulkenberg.net

User Name: customers@faulkenberg.net

Password: Email brian (at) faulkenberg.net and ask for the password


You should get a message telling you the files were uploaded successfully.

Please email us that you uploaded the files and other details concerning your project.

Click HERE to go to the FTP Site.


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