Sending Files


If you have files that are too large to email us you can use WeTreansfer to send us your files.  WeTransfer is a free site that is easy to use and can send large files for you.

Once you are at the WeTransfer site you need to click “I agree”.

Then hit the “+ add files” button.

This will pop up a window where you can navigate to the files you want to send to us.


Once you locate and click on them click the “Open” button.


Now type in my address brian @

(I put two extra spaces in here so that bots won’t find my email address and send me annoying/embarassing emails. You can copy paste Faulkenberg though)

This is how it should look.

(Bots can not read images so it was safe to put it in the above example)
(Can they read images now? I hope not!)


Next type in your email address.

I left it blank here because I don’t know what your email address is but if I did know that would be a pretty cool trick!

You would look at the example and see your address filling in the blank and then FREAK OUT. Wow!

Man I wish I could figure that out. Maybe someday.

Back to reality.


Now type a message.

You don’t have to type a message but if you do please do what I ALWAYS do.  Make at least one glaring mistake that you do not notice until it is to late to change it.

In the example above please note that I typed in “file” when it should clearly be “files”.

When you put a glaring typo in the message to me I will read it, smile and think “We have some very cool customers!” This will make my day and come on, how often do you get to make someones day?

After the message click the “Transfer” button.


You can watch the progress and look at some cool pictures while you wait.


After it is done you will get an email letting you know that the file was sent successfully.

A cool thing about WeTransfer is that you will also get an email letting you know that I not only got your file but that I opened it too.  No more wondering if the file got here you will have a message saying it did and it was opened.

I will then reply to you that I have the files and if you included a funny typo I will include a smily face : ) or a guy sticking his tongue out  : p  because these are the only faces I know how to make.  I only send winky faces to my wife ; )  unless I forgot to hit shift when making the smily face.  Oops!




Click HERE to go to WeTransfer and send me your art for the awesome job we are about to print for you.




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